Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my repair take?

As of now, our repair turn around time is about 10 working days or two weeks. If there is a repair that is needed before that turn around time, please let one of our team members know at the time of drop off and discuss if it is feasible. Our receipts after intake will also provide the date of completion for your repair!

Do you perform the work on site?

Yes! Our master jeweler and watchmaker are on site at our location. While we occasionally will defer specialty work to other trained members of our team, a majority of the work that we do is completed at our location.

Do I need to make an appointment for jewelry repair?

No, you do not need an appointment to leave your jewelry for repair. In fact, we intake your jewelry for an average of 10 working days. This allows our team to assess each piece of jewelry and provide the proper care and cleaning each piece that comes in our door needs!

How often should I have my jewelry checked?

You should have jewelry that you wear consistently, such as your rings be checked once a year! It is like a yearly check up at the doctors--plus we will clean it too!

How often should I update my appraisals?

In order to ensure proper replacement coverage in the event of a loss/theft, we recommend to get your appraisals updated every 3-5 years. If we provided the initial appraisal, there is no charge to update it.

Can you help me insure my jewelry?

We will be more than happy to help you ensure your jewelry! With your appraisal, any homeowners and renters insurances can add your jewelry to your company, but we directly work with setting our clients up with a company called GemShield that goes beyond most homeowner's policies and warranties to protect against lost, theft, and damage to your jewelry.

For more information or to apply directly through GemShield, visit:

I recently inherited some jewelry, but I can't tell what everything is. Can I bring it to you to help determine what is real versus not?

Of course! If you have inherited jewelry, we are available to determine what is real versus what is going to be costume jewelry. We also offer estate appraisals to determine the values of the items in your inheritance. If you need to bring in inherited items, please contact us for an appointment.

What do I receive when I purchase my engagement ring in terms of paperwork?

When you purchase your engagement ring from us, you will receive not only the certification accompanying your center stone, you will also receive an appraisal on your entire ring.


If you aren't purchasing an engagement ring or wedding band from us and would like an appraisal for your item, please ask one of our staff members for an appraisal. 

How do I get to your store?


Cross Ben Franklin Bridge to Route 30 to Route 70 East. Go 2.5 miles on Route 70 East and follow sign for "Grove Street Haddonfield". Go 1.4 miles on Grove Street to light at Kings Highway. Turn right and go two blocks to Haddonfield Fine Jewelers on your left at the intersection of Kings Highway and Tanner Street.


Take the NJ Turnpike South to Exit 4 and follow sign for "Route 73 North". Go 1/2 a mile and take exit marked "295 South". Take Exit 32 and follow sign for "Haddonfield". Follow Route 561 (Haddonfield-Berlin Road) and Haddon Avenue to downtown Haddonfield.


Take the NJ Turnpike North to Exit 3. Continue North on Route 168 (Black Horse Pike) approximately 1.5 miles. Turn right on Kings Highway and go approximately 3.5 miles to downtown Haddonfield.


Downtown Haddonfield is just 15 minutes from downtown Philadelphia on the PATCO Speedline.